Benefits for Retirees

 We would like to help you keep your members informed about OTIP’s 2013 retiree health, dental and travel insurance plan.

For your members, figuring out what to do about their health, travel and dental benefits is one of the most important decisions they will make in retirement. There are a lot of factors to consider and it isn’t always easy to know where to begin.

Five great reasons to choose RTIP:

1. There is no age restriction.

2. There are five health care plans to choose from, each with a different prescription drug maximum.

3. All five plans come with extended health care protection, including travel and the option to add dental coverage at any time.

4. These plans provide flexibility to increase or decrease their coverage when their needs change.

5. With each plan comes free access to Edvantage, CAREpath and the Express Scripts Canada Pharmacy home delivery program.

Visit for more information about RTIP plans.

Transfers and Movement

Transfers and Movement

After a great deal of discussion with the Board, I am pleased to announce that we have reached a temporary agreement with the Board on a plan for transfers this year.

The Board has agreed to pause their current approach on the 8-10 year transfer procedure that was implemented during the last 2 years.

To continue to promote movement, we will reinstitute the PGT (Professional Growth Transfer) that existed previously.  OECTA will now take a more active role to facilitate movement that is positive and requested by Teachers.

Teachers encouraged to look at their current teaching situation and decide whether or not a transfer is something that would be beneficial.  This would be a teacher initiated transfer.  Our current collective agreement also allows for MUTUAL TRANSFERS as outlined in article 18.

OECTA does support the concept of movement that is Teacher initiated and Teacher directed.  All Teachers, including Classroom Teachers, Itinerant Teachers and Resource Teachers are invited to put their names forward in this process.

Teachers will also receive an individual email from the Board stating the number of years taught at your current school.  If there are any discrepancies with this number, please contact both the Board and myself.

At the end of the school year, the Board and OECTA will sit down to evaluate the effectiveness of the PGT and mutual transfers as a way to promote teacher initated movement.


If you are thinking about a change and a transfer and want to direct where you are going, I highly recommend that you contact me directly.  Having a say in where and when you want to move can be a positive experience.  I can help to facilitate a move that works for you.

Thank you

Wayne Bechard


OECTA – St. Clair Elementary


Transfer Information – contract and other information regarding transfer process

Distribution of Meds

I have been asked the question about OECTA's stance on the distribution of meds.

OECTA's stance has not changed with regards to the distribution of meds. It is NOT the responsibility of the Teacher. It is clearly stated in our collective agreement (article 43.01).

OECTA does not encourage Teacher's to participate in the distribution of medication to students.

I recently spoke to Ann Sutton about this issue. She also agreed that it is not the responsibility of the Teacher. She also agreed that no pressure should be put on any Teacher to give out medication.

If this is an issue for any Teacher, the recommended action at this point, is to communicate both verbally and in writing that you do not feel comfortable performing this service and cannot accept responsibility of fulfilling any part of the regular medical needs of the students.

Feel free to contact me directly if there are any other questions or concerns.

Wayne Bechard


OECTA-St. Clair Elementary


After School Events – voluntary

This is to clarify that participation in after school events (not including regular scheduled staff meetings) is VOLUNTARY. Teachers cannot be expected to attend events that take place outside of the instructional day.


Teachers may choose to participate, but their attendance cannot be mandated by Principals or Administration. Coaching, literacy events, concerts etc. are all voluntary.

This was discussed with the Board at our recent Liaison Meeting. The Board agreed with this understanding.


If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me.


Thank you


Wayne Bechard


OECTA-St. Clair Elementary

Special Leave Day Question and Clarification

This is to clarify and remind Members about the use of Special Leave Days as outlined in our contract.

According to our contract, you are entitled to take up to 5 of these days.  YES they can be attached to a holiday (March Break, Family Day, Christmas Holidays etc.).  All you need to do is fill out the proper form at least 5 days prior to the date of the leave and pass it on to your Principal who will forward it on to the Board Office.  This is not up to the Principal to decide whether or not you can have the day.  You are filling out the form to be sent to the Board Office so that proper deductions can be made.   Please communicate and discuss this with your Principal as soon as you can and in advance so that suitable arrangements can be made. While we realize that some days may not be appropriate to take, simply being told "no" for no valid reason is not acceptable.

If you are denied taking this day, you should contact your Unit President immediately. (Wayne Bechard 519-350-2880)

I have included the actual article from our contract below.


38.01  A special leave of up to five (5) school days per year may be taken by a Teacher providing written notification is submitted to the Principal at least five school days prior to the date of the leave.
38.02  Special leave days each year shall be paid for by the Teachers at 110% of the supply Teacher daily rate which includes the cost of statutory benefits.
38.03  Suitable arrangements shall be made in consultation with the school principal and shall reflect the professional responsibility of the Teacher.
38.04  The special leave is separate from other leave and personal leave days as outlined in this agreement.