Higher Education Award

In the spring of every year since the early 1980's, elementary teachers and principals/vp's pool their EI rebate money to form a Higher Education Award fund. In the late fall this fund is used to help parents as well as encourage students who have entered their first year in either college or university. This is a one time application to our office. Only one parent can apply even though both parents may have contributed toward this. The max is $800. In order to apply, applicants must fill in the application posted on our website. The application is always due the first day after Thanksgiving. Parents/Students must provide proof of current attendance at the institute and cannot apply before the school year starts. Copies of tuition paid and student cards are accepted.

Contributions to the Higher Education Award are from the EI money that is deducted from teachers pay during the summer. It is given back to the Unit by the Board.

If you have any questions please contact the office at 519-627-4547


Application hea 2012

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