Distribution of Meds

I have been asked the question about OECTA's stance on the distribution of meds.

OECTA's stance has not changed with regards to the distribution of meds. It is NOT the responsibility of the Teacher. It is clearly stated in our collective agreement (article 43.01).

OECTA does not encourage Teacher's to participate in the distribution of medication to students.

I recently spoke to Ann Sutton about this issue. She also agreed that it is not the responsibility of the Teacher. She also agreed that no pressure should be put on any Teacher to give out medication.

If this is an issue for any Teacher, the recommended action at this point, is to communicate both verbally and in writing that you do not feel comfortable performing this service and cannot accept responsibility of fulfilling any part of the regular medical needs of the students.

Feel free to contact me directly if there are any other questions or concerns.

Wayne Bechard


OECTA-St. Clair Elementary



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